More lies from Deobandis

The Deobandis have added one more feather to their fabricating machine! This time it is the book “ Hayat shah mohammed Ishaq muhaddith dehalvi”. Before we see this fabrication let us see what new lie has come from Deobandi camp.

Deobandi said

Some circles tried to create doubts regarding the attribution of Masa’il al-Arba’in and Miat Masa’il towards Muhaddith Muhammad Shah Ishaq Dehlawi [may Allah have mercy on him].”

Since this deobandi has been caught lying at numerous occasions, he  keeps changing topic from Mulla Khabbaz to Shah Ishaq!

But some one has rightly said , one has to lspeak hundred lies to hide one lie!

Just one example of this lie can be seen by reading the links  posted below, which will also help in understanding this issue.

Deobandi Mufti and party Caught lying

Masa’il arbain

Mulla Hussain Khabbaz

The deobandi further said

“Other camp based their claim on a book called Hayat Shah Ishaq by an individual named Hakim Barkati. Hakim Barkati belongs to Khayrabadi school and is not a hujjah [proof] for us but since he was mentioned by the other camp, it was decided to provide some excerpts from that book.”

The readers will be  amused to see this “khayrabadi school” connection  with the author Mawlana Hakeem sayyed Mahmood Barkati !

The author[Hakim Barkati] himself states

The maternal grand father of my  paternal grandfather was a NEPHEW of  shah Ismaeel dehalwi  and was among  those who participated in the battle of Balakot. He was uninomusly elected as the leader of Jamaat after this battle! ….. and then he writes further down


“ my great grand father was a student of  Allama Fazle Haq Khirabadii”

 It is an open book for the readers to see that why this deobandi has shyed away from mentioning the family relationship of the author with  shah Ismaeel dehalvi .Instead he mentions this author to belong to “khairabadi camp” !

Perhaps our deobandi friend knows that the author has gone so much in criticizing Ismaeel dehalvi that at one place   he has also mentioned that NOT EVEN ONE STUDENT took hadith sanad (chain) from Ismaeel dehalvi! He further writes that  when shah Abdul Aziz Muhaadith dehalvi (rd) appointed  Shah Ishaq as his next of kin , ismaeel dehalvee was disappointed and then he took bayyah on the hands of Sayed Ahmed ! ( The wahabi leader)

So our deobandi friend was too shy to mention the family relationship  of the author with shah Ismaeel  !

As a side note interested readers would like to know this  FAKE Jiahd of Balakot  by reading these scans !

Fake Jihad of Ismail Dehalvi

And then our deobandi friend writes

“and is not a hujjah [proof] for us but since he was mentioned by the other camp, it was decided to provide some excerpts from that book”.

This again shows that  this deobandi has not read this book! Mawlana Hakeem Barkati  has given concrete proof in his book “Hayat Shah Ishaq” that Miat al masail and masail arabeen are not the works of Shah Ishaq. His proof is not based on his personal opinion, but irrefutable proof which can be read here.

Deobandi Mufti and party Caught lying

Masa’il arbain

But what this deobandi friend failed to relaise is that Mawlana Hakeem Brakati did not have access to the manuscripts of these two works ! That is why he has mentioned at  many places that “if the manuscripts of the work can be traced the issue will become more clear”.

Readers can see the manuscript details above which shows  that these manuscripts have no seal  and no proof  of it being written by Shah Ishaq! The issue is crystal clear.

 Deobandi friend later wrote

“Publishers of Hayat Shah Ishaq have also attached a booklet at the end titled Irshad-e-Peer. It is a collection of sayings of Shah Ishaq compiled by Mawlana Abdul Rab Hussaini Dehlawi [may Allah have mercy on him], khalifa majaaz of Shah Ishaq, founder of madrassah Abdul Rab in Dehli.”

I congratulate and thank my deobandi friend for pointing out this fabrication!

When the first edition of this book was published in 1412 , the author himself[Hakeem Brkati] sent this to be published  from Shah Abul Khair Academy!  See the scans showing proof that author was alive when this was FIRST published  in 1412.


Now see the fabricated Deobandi addition !

The deobandis from Karanchi added a booklet  to this book. This booklet was wriiten by a hardcore wahabi/deobandi whose beleif is   that saying Ya Rasul Allah is also  shirk!

And why was the booklet added?

Easy! Because the author Mawlana Barkati proved that Miiat Al masail  and Masail arabeen were NOT the works of Shah Ishaq!

So this wahabi/ deobandi added his booklet saying  the opposite!!

Deobandi friend then writes

“Hakim Barkati accepts this risala to be that of Shah Ishaq. In this risala Shah Ishaq lists Islamic beliefs as well as what is shirk and what are major sins. In there Shah Ishaq divides shirk into 13 types:”

So who is taking Hakim Brakati as a  Hujja?!


But let us see what Hakim Barkati wrote , which DEOBANDI friend did not translate !!

Hakim Barkati writes

“ Now I will mention that  work of Shah Isahq which NO ONE has mentioned . But the manuscript of a letter  which I have it with me  was composed in 1269 AH , that is just six years  AFTER the death of Shah Ishaq in 1262AH.  The Scribe , Siddiq bin Umar Hussein is from the family of Ahmed Saeed . The Collection containing this letter  which has  OTHER manuscripts also , when compared were found to match “

Can the readers see ! And our deobandi friend says Hakim Barkati is not a hujja  for him!

A letter whose manuscript was written six years after the death of the author and that too by a wahabi SCRIBE  and NO OTHER scholar or historian  has mentioned this work to belong to  shah Ishaq , has been whole heartedly accepted by our deobandi friend .

Do we know why?

Because this letter says  Nida ( saying Ya Rasul Allah ) is shirk !!

 What is also to be noted that Abdul Hayy has also not counted this work from Shah Ishaq in his Nuzhatul Khawatir!

Sulajh jaati ha ek uljhan to mushkil aur badhtee hai

Kisee surat muhabbat ki pareshani nahee jati”

Later deobandi  writes

“Mawlana Abdul Rab Hussaini in the words of sahib Nuzhat al-Khawatir”

 I don’t have words to express my amusement at my deobandi friend! It is the same book Nuzhat al Khawatir which has mentioned that  the book  Miat al masail   was compiled by  Ahmed ullah and NOT shah Ishaq!!

What is more surprising is that Maulvee Ahmed Ullah himself writes in the preface that he has compiled this book!

I remember what some one has written

“ Khuda  jab deen leta  hai to aql bhee cheen leta hai”

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Abdullah Chisti Sabri

12th Rabil Al Aakhir, 1430 AH

9th April 2009

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