Qurbaani of Chicken is Permissible for Ghair Muqallid Wahabis!!!

Is “Qurbaani” (slaughtering of animals on Eid ul Azha) of chicken permissible?

A question was asked to a Ghair Muqallid Molvi if Qurbaani of chicken is permissible.

Question: In this era, the prices of things have crossed the limits. For this reason, this year an animal of Qurbaani is difficult to be bought in lesser than fifteen or twenty rupees. I heard that previously this essay was published in some papers (of Ahle Hadees) that Qurbaani of chicken is also permissible. According to the saying of Holy Prophet “Ad-Din yasar” and saying of my God “maa ja’al ‘alaikum fid-Dini min harj”, if you consider the Qurbaani of chicken to be permissible then do verify for me.
Answer: According to Shariah, Qurbaani of chicken is permissible. (Fatawa-e-Sattaria, Molvi Abdul Sattar Ghair Muqallid, volume 2, page 72, published in Karach)

Qurbaani of chicken is Mushaabihat (similitude) with Majoos (fire-worshipper):

Question was asked to Imam Ahle Sunnat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Allah’s mercy be upon him) whether Qurbaani of chicken is permissible or not? Then Imam Ahle Sunnat (Allah’s mercy be upon him) replied “Qurbaani of chicken is Makrooh and similitude with Majoos, nor the essentiality of scarification (of Eid day) will be fulfilled. (Fatawa-e-Razawia, volume 8, page 530)

The reason Ghair Muqallid do not perform Quraabni of chicken is that this does not provide (them) the hide (skin of animal). If the hide was acquired then self-made and self-satisfying traditions would had been promoted in permissibility of doing Qurbaani of chicken. And yes, if they want they can permit the Qurbaani of prohibited animals (though many prohibited animals are also lawful according to them). But their hide is not valuable for them and we’d written the list of their lawful animals (which are actually prohibited) in our book “Gumrahi key Jhoote Khuda”, chapter “Ghair Muqallid”.

Qurbaani according to the Shariah of misguided ones:

According to Abdul Wahab Dehlvi Ghair Muqallid, buying some meat of four Aana (a type of currency) or five Aana from market and distributing it in the days of Qurbaani, is Qurbaani.
(Maqaasid-ul-Imaamat, page 5)

Sadqa (chatiry) instead of Qurbaani?

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said “One who has power to do Qurbaani and still does not perform Qurbaani, he should not come near to our Eid-gaah (a platform where Muslims gather for prayer on Eid day).” Some people do Sadqa of equal amount of an animal of Qurbaani; by doing so, the essentiality of Qurbaani can not be fulfilled.

(Extraction: Qurbaani-o-Zabeeha key chand aham masaail, writer Ajmal Hussain Qadiri)

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